Dry Type Transformers

Dry Type Transformers

High-power TransformerA large portion of the transformers made by Kawahara Electric Works are made to order based on customer-required specifications.

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Overhaul and repair for the electrical transformers

We've overhauled and repaired for many electrical transformers.
If you have some problems for the electrical transformers, please let us know.

  • Other company's products OK
  • Overseas products OK
  • Old type products OK

The following cases,

  • The electrical transformer is irredeemably broken.
  • There are some risks by long term use.
  • The continuous use may cause economic loss.

we suggest that new and economical electrical transformers after our check.

Energization check before repair

Marine Power Stabilizers MARVEL series

Marine Power Stabilizers MARVEL series

Pioneer product in the field of marine power stabilizers Made by Kawahara Electric Works.

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We will produce a best solution for you

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